When searching for the best towels and bedding for babies and toddlers, there are plenty of options out there. Which ones should you trust and why? 

According to John Hopkins Medicine, up to 20% percent of infants have baby eczema. More common than baby eczema though, are a variety of baby and toddler rashes which generally occur due to the delicate nature of their skin. With baby eczema and baby rashes, there are certain triggers parents want to avoid by using non-toxic, high quality, 100% cotton fabrics. We recently launched a line with these facts in mind that include hooded baby towels, crib sheets, and baby blankets. 

Certain certifications are important to ensure parents no harmful substances are found in any towels, clothing or bedding for babies and toddlers. The STANDARD 100 label by OEKO-TEX® is one of the most trusted certifications in the textile industry. With the STANDARD 100 Label by OEKO-TEX® consumers can be guaranteed a product is free of harmful chemicals. This doesn't just pertain to the fabric though, with Standard 100 by  OEKO-TEX®, "Every thread, button and other accessories, has been tested for harmful substances and that the article therefore is harmless for human health." www.oeko-tex.com

We know you want to provide your baby or toddler with the best life can offer. See below some of our recommended towels and bedding for babies and toddlers, which are all STANDARD 100 Label by OEKO-TEX® certified, protecting their skin from day one and as they grow.

Hooded Baby Towel And Washcloth Set

hooded baby towel

The goal of every parent after bathtime is to be certain their baby is warm, dry, comfy and cozy. This Hooded Baby Towel and Washcloth Set is exactly what you need to ensure that is always the case. Crafted with 100% super-soft ring-spun cotton, where the cotton fibers are spun and then combed to remove impurities, creating the ideal fabric for your baby's delicate skin.

Crib Sheets 

Crib Sheets

Woven with 100%  Supima® cotton, an extra-long staple cotton that provides premium strength, softness and color retention. This Percale Crib Sheet grows with your little one, fitting baby cribs and toddler mattresses. The superior softness combines with cool comfort to give your baby the best night's rest. As far as bedding for babies is concerned, this one takes the cake.

Waffle Baby Blanket

Baby Blankets

Delicately woven with 100% cotton in a classic waffle texture, this Waffle Baby Blanket is soft and bouncy. Perfect for providing warmth in the crib or on a walk in a stroller.

Hospital Receiving Blanket 

Baby Blanket

This product Hospital Receiving Blanket is the actual baby blanket trusted by hospitals around the world. Customers swear by it, insisting it helps their baby sleep more than any other baby blanket they've used. Made of 100% cotton, this hospital receiving blanket provides equal parts function and comfort, is the perfect size and thickness for swaddling and is pre-washed for softness. It's no wonder it is hand-selected to be the first thing to touch your baby's skin.