A place for explorers

The Saint Kate Hotel in Milwaukee, Wisconsin is a one-of-a-kind destination for curious travelers and artists alike. It’s the perfect place whether you’re seeking a unique weekend getaway or an inspirational creative escape. The name Saint Kate gives nod to Saint Catherine—the patron saint of artists and the original champion of the creative process. She’s the supporter, the encourager, the instigator. The one whose confidence makes you feel more confident. And at Saint Kate Hotel, your experience is sure to be supportive and confidence boosting.

A modern and artistically styled bar and lounge area featuring several long wooden tables and sectional couches.

Saint Kate is more than a hotel. It’s a venue—a platform for exploration, connection and expression. From music to dance, painting to sculpture, film to poetry and beyond, they celebrate artistic expression in all forms. Saint Kate is a hub for the established and the emerging, the curious and the visionary. This is a place where creators can feel represented, accepted, and encouraged. A place where they can come together, meet, collaborate, and create.

It boasts its own theater troupe, an ensemble cast of actors, dancers, musicians, jugglers and more. They put on plays and other shows at the hotel’s 90-seat Arc Theatre, but these artists-in-residence will often do spontaneous performances around the property. Local filmmakers, comedians, and other performers will occasionally take the stage for ticketed events at the black box theater as well. In the bar or lobby, you might encounter a band rehearsal or interpretive dance, or stumble upon an entirely new and different artistic surprise.

A small black ukulele rests on a modern style chair with leather upholstery.

Five Saint Kate guest rooms are one-of-a-kind dwellings each designed by a different artist. The Canvas rooms are fully styled and curated by select local artists resulting in incredible experiences for guests to explore. From photography and materials to the actual paint on the walls, take a peek inside the minds of John Grant, Lon Michels, Rosemary Ollison, Reed Skocz, and the 'This Time Tomorrow' Foundation. Not only is it a moving personal experience, but a portion of the proceeds from each stay will benefit local and state-wide arts initiatives.

But don’t worry, every guest room will inspire and delight, as they all come equipped with a record player and ukulele, as well as a roll of butcher paper and colored pencils.

The interior of a guest room in the Saint Kate hotel, featuring a variety of artistic furniture and accents.

The Saint Kate Hotel is a perfect balance of bold artistry and modern luxury. And you can experience that same luxury at home with our Centium Satin Sheeting.

For more information and to design your future stay, head to Saint Kate Hotel's website.