Compare Our Towels

  • Plush


    These bestsellers are made with 100% zero-twist cotton, making them incredibly smooth, soft and strong. They also have a fluffy texture and are incredibly absorbent.

  • Luxe

    Elegant & Detailed

    Hand selected by 5-star hotels, our most exclusive towel is voluminous, velvety and lavish with a classic checkerboard trim.

  • Quick-Dry


    Our patented technology ensures high absorbency and durability without sacrificing softness. These towels will dry quicker than any other you’ve had before.

Our luxury towels perfectly balance softness, absorbency, durability and are well-known hotel collection towels found in 5-star hotels around the world. Not just another pretty towel, Standard Textile Home brings you style and that something extra you didn’t know you wanted. Our Mediterranean Towels have a contemporary striped design, but they are also lightweight, fast drying, and made of 100% Turkish cotton. Shop our collection of bath towels and pool towels today!