Responsible Use of Resources

Environmental issues are increasingly shaping the context of our business. The cost, availability and management of energy, water and raw materials in the manufacturing and processing of our products all have implications for operations throughout the value chain — from the cotton farmer through the end user.

Here at Standard Textile, we’re extremely proud of our position as an environmental leader. We embed sustainability principles in sourcing, production, distribution, and in the innovation and development of new products and technologies. Our commitment to continuous improvement along our value chain has made us one of the world’s most respected textile companies.

We seek to reuse as much as we can, such as yarn cones and pallets used in transporting materials throughout our supply chain and water used in fabric finishing. We recycle much of what cannot be reused, such as waste fiber created in manufacturing. Our energy use is continually improved through more efficient equipment and facilities, and through the design of products that require less energy and materials to produce. Recycled materials such as denim are incorporated into several products, and we use recycled corrugate to ship our products. Importantly, we design durable products that last longer.

    By the Numbers

    • We recycle/reuse more than 14 million gallons of water annually at our manufacturing plants.
    • Each year we reduce textile waste by 1.8 million pounds by recycling waste fibers.
    • We further reduce landfill waste annually by another 1 million pounds by reusing yarn cones and more than 2.3 million pounds by reusing pallets as part of our transport processes.