Sure, a night out on the town, a fancy dinner, or even an exciting weekend getaway are great, but there’s something truly special about a quiet night at home. Whether you’re looking for a solo night of pampering, or cozying up with someone special, we have four surefire ways to make your evening as cozy, elegant, and romantic as possible.

Calm Down

The perfect night in starts with the calmness and warmth of a scented candle. Our Citrus + White Tea scented candle is a soothing blend of lemon, citrus basil, mandarin thyme, and white tea. So, dim the lights and enjoy the ambiance that only scented candles can provide.


Relax both your mind and your body with a long soak in a hot bath. The hot water will soothe your muscles and help relieve tension. In fact, according to psychologist Neil Morris, hot baths can also lead to a significant drop in feelings of pessimism and an increase in internal feeling of pleasurability. After your bath, wrap yourself in a Luxe Bath Sheet and dry off in true elegance. The larger bath sheet size is the perfect fit for a night of decadence, surrounding your whole body with plush, comfy 100% cotton.


Stay relaxed by slipping into a luxurious and comfortable 100% cotton robe. You can live every day like it’s a spa day when you have the same robes found in luxury hotels and resorts around the world. Our Plush Spa Robe is your first class ticket to the life of leisure you deserve after a long day.

Cozy Up

Whether you want to curl up in bed, on the sofa, or in a lounger, nothing feels better than cozying up under a warm Cashmere Throw Blanket. It’s the perfect way to end a romantic night relaxing with your partner, or just reading a good book by yourself.