What is it about the fall season that we love so much? The crispness of the air, mums and pumpkins everywhere, the glorious foliage, or maybe that infamous coffee drink? Whatever the reason, fall ushers in our desire to get cozy.

As we start packing away our summery linens, it’s time to think about how we can bring all that we love about fall into our homes.  

  1. Fall this year can feel like wrapping yourself in a happy memory. 2020 has been tough. As we continue to reflect on the months behind us and the ones ahead, and as the mornings (and evenings) get chillier, it’s wonderful to have a comforting blanket for the foot of your bed or draped over your favorite chair. Pick a vibrant or earthy color to start building that fall feel. If your style is more sophisticated than bohemian, you could try one of our super-soft cashmere throws.
  2. Let the colors of fall influence your palette. Throw pillows in brilliant shades of red, gold, and pumpkin orange can add a fun and cozy pop of color, transitioning your whole room’s look.
  3. Brown is beautiful. Looking for a touch of something artisan? Redder than melted chocolate, “Handmade” is the most gorgeous brown color appearing in home fashions right now. It is an on-trend color that can inspire your choices and textures. Adding a brown throw pillow to compliment your brightly colored ones or finding a fabulous piece of hand-crafted pottery can help your room exude comfort and warmth, no matter what part of the country you’re in. You can read more about Handmade.
  4. Embrace the flavors of nostalgia. Pumpkin spice isn’t just about lattes, but if you’re into enjoying that warm, yummy beverage, you might also try a caffeine-free pumpkin spice flavored tea, perfect for a nighttime sip. Think about adding a scented candle to your bedside table or diffuse essential oils that smell like fall, such as cardamom, cedarwood, cinnamon, and juniper.
  5. Fall in love with your bed. Essential to any fall bedroom makeover is finding the right duvet cover and insert. Our All Season Duvet Insert would be the perfect weight for your fall bed. Truly luxurious, this insert can be found in bespoke hotels around the world. To expand further on your fall color story, consider the Luxe Reversible Duvet in Clay and White.
  6. Bring smiles with sunflowers. Now is the time to support your local farmers’ market, and seeing the happy faces of fresh sunflowers in your home can’t help but put a smile on yours. Display a lovely vase on your dresser for the week or consider a framed print. Fall traditions that bring a sense of soothing comfort are just what we all need to get ready for the winter ahead.

From our home to yours, hoping this fall inspired blog sends you a rush of warm, autumn-inspired joy.