Pop quiz, what’s the most memorable thing about your bath mat? Nothing too exciting, huh? Then maybe it’s time you upgrade your bathroom floor with a mat that truly stands out. You deserve better and so do your toes, so here are four reasons why our Tufted Bath Mat is a must-have.

Looks Great, Feels Better

This bold tufted texture is created through a special stitching technique. The result is more than just a visually stunning texture, because this bath mat is also a treat for your weary feet. Your bath mat should be more than just something to stand on after a shower, every step should feel like a spa day.  

Perfectly Absorbent 

The main job of any bath mat is to absorb water. Whether it’s after stepping out of the shower, or splashes and spills from using sink. It’s no secret that a lot of bath mats just don’t work well. Some aren’t very absorbent at all, rejecting even a drop of water, while others are so thin that they absorb as much water as they can, before the rest just spreads across the floor. But not the Tufted Bath Mat—our bath mat is comfortable and absorbent, keeping your feet and your bathroom floor as dry as possible.  

Finally, a Bath Mat That Stays Put

When it comes to inferior bath mats, a big complaint that we see all the time is that they won’t stay in one place for long, slipping and sliding away. A lot of other companies solve this problem with a rubber backing, and while that will keep a bath mat in place, it can adversely affect the product’s breathability, reducing its drying ability and staying wet longer. Our Tufted Bath Mat’s heavy duty tufted construction stays in place, without sacrificing any performance, comfort, or quality.

 Easy to Wash

The best part about the Tufted Bath Mat is how easy it is to care for. Just toss it in the washer in warm water on gentle cycle, use non-chlorine bleach, if needed or desired, then tumble dry on low, and remove promptly.

Katie’s 5-Star Recommendation

Of course we’re proud of the Tufted Bath Mat, but don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what Katie had to say after ordering one:

“Stays in place. Looks and feels great. What a great bathmat. It stays in place, and it looks great in our master bath. It's fairly thick and durable and I like that I can throw it in the wash to easily clean it. Thinking about getting more as gifts for others.”