Welcome to the Standard Textile Home blog.

Albeit new, this blog will soon be teeming with compelling content that inspires and educates you along your path to a healthier, comfier and more fulfilling life at home. And to satisfy your intense passion for luxury travel, we’ll help you live your best life abroad as well. 

Our renowned linen experts will teach you how to bring the same world-class luxury that we create for 5-star hotels to your bedroom and bathroom. You’ll learn to select, combine and care for the perfect products to create a true sanctuary in your home. 

We will provide simple how-to solutions to everyday issues—like how to fold a fitted sheet without swearing at it and balling it up in your linen closet. Ever wonder how to make your pillows fluffier in a few short minutes? You’ll find tips like this along with many other comfort and style hacks that will elevate your home to 5-star status.

You won’t just be hearing from us along the way. Prominent interior designers will share their expertise on creating remarkable spaces, jetsetters who frequent world’s most exclusive locales will share their travel secrets and leading self-care experts will offer advice on becoming a fitter, happier, well-rested version of yourself.

Thank you for visiting our blog. We hope you enjoyed your stay and that you will check back regularly for updates.