Chic and Convenient: Meet Circa Bed Wrap

It’s tough to top the sophistication of a platform bed. A sleek and appealing focal point, platform beds are used to achieve a stylish, classy aesthetic. However, quality platform bed frames can be expensive and often require professional installation—which can be hard to schedule and complete in today’s environment. And once the bed is together, you’d better be happy with where it is, because it won’t be as easy to rearrange the space any longer. 

That’s why we created the Circa Bed Wrap. It’s a faster, simpler, and much more affordable way to get the smooth, modern look of a platform bed without the headache.

What is Circa?

Circa Bed Wrap was designed with luxury hotels and resorts in mind. Hoteliers came to our R&D team asking for a stylish, contemporary alternative to the tired, old-fashioned, dust-collecting bed skirt.

Our designers invented an easy to install solution that completely changes the look of the bed and the entire bedroom. By creating the appearance of a platform bed using your existing bed frame, Circa Bed Wrap transforms your bed into a visual centerpiece.

How does it work?

There’s no heavy lifting involved. Circa Bed Wrap can easily be installed by one person without ever lifting your mattress. You just have to scoot your bed away from the wall a bit, unroll the Circa, wrap it around your bed frame, snap and tighten some buckles, tuck excess fabric under your mattress, and scoot your bed back.

Environmentally-friendly bamboo slats inside the wrap provide the internal structure and stability, and a variety of Circa Bed Wrap fabric colors are available.

Looking to match your current décor? Our customer care team can help with color consultations and we offer sample swatches of the fabric options to help you make the right selection for your bedroom. Contact our support team to request a sample pack. [link to contact info]

We think that Circa Bed Wrap is pretty amazing, but don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what Susan K. had to say about hers: 

“Oh my totally changed the look of my bed (and the room for that matter) and I absolutely love it. If you like a clean modern minimalist look for your bed, order this wrap. You won't be disappointed.”

Learn even more about Circa Bed Wrap in these FAQs from our customers: 

What type of bed does this work with?

Circa Bed Wrap works best with traditional metal bed frames and wall-mounted headboards. It’s not recommended for use on beds with attached headboards or foot rails and on most adjustable beds.

Why can’t I use Circa Bed Wrap on an adjustable bed frame?

Because of Circa’s rigid bamboo construction, it won’t bend for adjustable bed frames.

Will Circa Bed Wrap accommodate the height of my bed?

Circa is designed to accommodate 14”–16” drops. That’s the distance between the top of your box spring/bottom of your mattress and the ground. 

Can I easily access the space under my bed with Circa Bed Wrap installed?

While installed, it’s not really possible to access the space under your bed. However, because Circa is so easy to uninstall, you can quickly remove your Circa Bed Wrap to access under your bed, then reinstall it. Which makes it a great solution for storing items under your bed that you don’t frequently access (think saved paperwork, sweater boxes, gifts you want to hide, etc.).

What material is Circa Bed Wrap made from?

Circa Bed Wrap is made from high-quality fabric that envelops sturdy, environmentally-friendly bamboo slats. This gives each Wrap the structure and stability needed to maintain a clean, sleek look that doesn’t shift, slip, or bunch up.

What colors are available?

We offer Circa Bed Wrap in six beautiful colors: Graphite - earthy grey; Haze - pale silvery beige; Rice Paper - golden tan; Smokey Quartz - warm brown; and our newest shades: Sea - deep navy; and Ivory. All colors have a variegated or heathered appearance, adding to the elevated aesthetic.

Have more questions? Ask away!