We’re all still going out a lot less these days and missing our pre-pandemic lives. Creating cozy spaces at home carved out for moments to pause and reset is crucial for mental and physical health and well-being. 

Here are some tips we’ve gathered to help you find more opportunities for comfort and self-care in your space:

  • The little rituals matter. Whether it’s missing listening to your favorite morning radio show on your commute to the office or stopping by the corner coffee shop for a to-go cup, think about how you might be able to bring those moments back into your life at home. Focusing on the small feelings of pleasure and being intentional about reconnecting with them again can do wonders for your mental state.
  • Show yourself care. Coping with feelings of uncertainty is difficult and can seem overwhelming, but research shows that even simple (and we mean very simple) mindfulness practices and finding “refuge in the present moment” can help (check out this resource). Notice the sun out your window, take a short walk, or smile at a pet—all straightforward actions that have value in helping you recenter your emotions.
  • Embrace softness. Seems obvious, but soft textiles trigger a sensory experience that can help elevate your mood, and it’s hard not to love a great blanket. A stylish throw draped over your favorite chair is pleasing to look at and serves a purpose. Brushed for softness, warm, but not too heavy, our Wool Plaid Throws with a tassel fringe detail look beautiful in any space and are perfect for snuggling up. The texture and craftsmanship of our modern Knit Throw (made in Italy and available in Terracotta, Gray, and Beige) combines the look of curated sophistication with coziness you can sink into. From this season into whatever lies ahead, the comfort of a lovely throw blanket is one thing we all can rely on.
  • In healthcare settings, quiet time is essential to help patients relax and heal. Building quiet time into our everyday lives can also help to lower stress levels and increase positive well-being. Try taking one 15-minute period each day to meditate, read silently, or simply sit quietly, and see how you feel.

For more ideas and resources on how to add more comfort to your space, check out this article.