Wrinkles are inevitable. Naturally, most fabrics are going to wrinkle over time through normal use. The most common solution is to grab the iron and press those fabrics flat. Ironing clothes is easy, but ironing bed sheets and duvets can be a bit more of a challenge. And who has time for that anyway?

Our luxury hotel partners felt the same way, that’s why they challenged us to deliver a stylish solution that would save them the time and money lost by ironing bed linens. Initially we were asked if we could design a fabric that wouldn’t wrinkle, but our textile experts discovered that while possible it wouldn’t be all that comfortable. Instead, we decided to embrace the wrinkles and design a fabric with a texture that hides wrinkles in a stylish, comfortable way. That’s exactly why we created Cumulus.

When designing Cumulus, our textile engineers took inspiration from fashion history and studied seersucker fabric, which was designed to solve this very problem. Seersucker is a fabric that’s well-known for its distinct look, comfort, coolness, and breathability in hotter climates. But most important, seersucker is known for the fact that you don’t need to iron it.

Seersucker’s signature puckered, textured stripes are made by weaving some of the threads loosely and others tightly. Weaving seersucker is not an easy process, so a lot of manufacturers use a chemical process to create a similar puckered texture. But this isn’t actually seersucker, it’s a fabric known as plissé.

Plissé is produced by treating the fabric with a caustic Sodium Hydroxide solution to cause shrinkage. It’s easier than weaving, but the use of harsh chemicals as a shortcut weakens the individual fibers, which is bad for overall fabric durability. Plus, the caustic chemicals can affect the pH balance of the fabric which can irritate your skin. Avoiding plissé should be easy though, right? Not quite, the problem with finding real seersucker bedding is that there are a lot of companies labeling products as seersucker when they are actually plissé. 

That’s why creating a textured sheet solution that doesn’t use harsh chemicals was so important for us. Our Cumulus fabric is made with a patented weaving process that features an exclusive wash-activated, wavy, cloudlike texture. Cumulus is the stylish and comfortable solution to unsightly wrinkled bedding that doesn’t require ironing. And lucky for you, wavy, undulating fabrics are on trend.

When our Cumulus Top Cover was released hoteliers fell in love. Not only was this the no-iron solution they were looking for, but it was also stylish, elevating the luxury and comfort of their guest beds. Guests fell in love too, and that’s why we made sure that anyone could get the same stunning no-iron style for their home, expanding the Cumulus product line to include the Cumulus Duvet Cover and Cumulus Pillow Shams.  

So, give your iron a rest and give your bed a stylish Cumulus makeover.