Do you use a duvet or a comforter? Not sure? Don’t worry, because you are not alone. The confusion between duvets and comforters is real, and we’re here to help you makes sense of it all. They both look similar, so people often use the names interchangeably, in fact, there are even more names used around the world. In Australia you might crawl under your doona, in India your razai, and in the UK it’s a continental quilt. But while they seem like the same thing, there is a distinct, and surprisingly simple difference: 

Duvets have a separate cover and comforters don’t.

That’s really all there is to it. But, let’s explore a few more details. In general comforters tend to lay flatter and are often made with decorative elements, for example, colorful patterns or designs. They are designed to be used as-is, without a cover. Duvets, however, tend to be fuller and fluffier. While you can totally use a duvet insert by itself, using the cover means you won’t have to launder the insert as often, and switching duvet covers can give your bed a quick style makeover. Duvets are often designed specifically for use with a cover, usually featuring buttons or ties to keep the insert in place without shifting.

For example, our All Seasons Duvet Insert features color-coded loops on all four corners and our Luxe Duvet Covers feature a zipper closure and ties in each corner to secure the insert. Easy to install, easy to launder, and with four color combinations to choose from, the Luxe Collection's reversible design makes it easy to change your beds style in seconds. Choose from White/White, White/Natural, White/Clay, or Flint Gray/Lunar Rock.

Another slight difference involves the use of top sheets, also known as flat sheets. Most people that make their bed with comforters also use a flat sheet below the comforter. But when you use a covered duvet you can make your bed “European style,” which describes a common bed making practice in Europe that uses just the covered duvet, without a flat sheet. Of course, you can still use a flat sheet along with your covered duvet. We believe that you should use whatever layers of bedding you need to get the comfort and look for your bed that you desire. 

That’s the simple truth of it. There is a difference between duvets and comforters, but a lot of people just like to call them by different names. So just remember, if it’s uncovered it’s a comforter, but if it’s covered, it’s a duvet.