Everyone loves a perfectly fluffed pillow, but with regular use, your pillows will often get flatter and lose some of their loft. There are a few reasons why your bedding flattens out over time, usually it’s due to the air that was incorporated into the fill (i.e., the stuffing) escaping, but it can also be caused by moisture. Moisture can collect in the fill through normal use, or from ambient humidity in your room. Not enough for your products to feel damp to the touch, but enough that it weighs down the fill. Or, it might just be time to wash your pillows and duvet insert.

Getting the perfect night’s sleep is so much easier when your bed is at peak comfy coziness with your pillows and duvet full and lofty. So, we want to give you a few expert tips for getting perfectly fluffed bedding.

Squishing & Squeezing 

This might seem like an obvious method, but most people end up getting it wrong. Simply put, grab your pillow by opposite ends, and pretend it’s an accordion. Squeeze, squish and repeat until your pillow is plump and plush. This is a little harder to do with a duvet, but just work in smaller sections at a time, squeezing and squishing, being sure to break up any clumps of fill or down.


Probably the most cathartic option, lightly strike your pillows and duvets. Use a closed fist or open palm, it’s really up to you. The important thing is you lightly strike until enough air has reincorporated and your products are comfier and cozier.

100% Wool Dryer Balls

You can stick with the old-school ways, or you can opt for a more efficient modern method of fluffing. To quickly and easily fluff your pillows and duvets, all you need is your dryer and a set of our 100% Wool Dryer Balls. Simply place your pillows or duvet along with 3–6 dryer balls in your dryer on low for 15-20 minutes. The tumbling action, the striking of the dryer balls, and the heat from the dryer will ensure that your pillows and duvets are fully refreshed, perfectly plush and ready for bed.

If these three methods aren’t enough to achieve optimal fluff, that means it’s time to fully wash your products. Washing will remove any soils that may be causing the fill of your pillows and duvets to remain flat or clumped. After washing, dry using 100% Wool Dryer Balls and your pillows and duvets should be back to fluffy perfection.