More than just a decorative accent, throw blankets are way more versatile than you think. Let’s explore a few of the countless ways that a simple, stylish throw blanket can change your life. The most common place you’ll find a throw is draped over the back of a sofa or love seat is, but they can be so much more than just decorative. Sure, style is one of your first considerations when searching for the perfect throw blanket but take some time to consider all the other things your new purchase will do besides just hang around looking pretty.

Coziness on Demand

Whether you’re on the couch unwinding after a long day, curled up watching your favorite movie, or diving into a new book, having a soft, luxurious throw blanket within reach is a life-changer. It’s the perfect choice for snuggling under for a little extra warmth on a chilly evening. If you want an option that is lightweight, warm, and super soft, go for cashmere or cashmere/wool blend. For something just as cozy, but a little heavier in weight, we recommend a cotton throw blanket. 

It’s Bedtime for Throw Blankets

A stylish touch for any well-made bed is a tasteful throw blanket draped across the foot of the bed. Don’t let the charming good looks deceive you, that throw blanket can once again do more than just add some visual pizzazz. It’s great for when temps get a little chillier than expected and you don’t want to climb out of bed—just reach down and grab your throw blanket! Also perfect for adding targeted warmth to just the parts that need it most, your feet, legs, or torso.

Other Great Uses for Throw Blankets

There is a world of uses for throw blankets far beyond stylish accents, lounging, and staying warm at night. Below is a short list of our favorite ways to use throw blankets:

  • Create an impromptu shawl in seconds
  • Extra warmth for quick trips to the mailbox
  • Comfy pet bed that will make your furry friends very happy
  • Travel blanket for those chilly early morning drives to the gym

Give the Gift that Keeps on Giving

Stylish and comfortable throw blankets aren’t just must haves for your own home, they also make the perfect gift for loved ones that appreciate versatility. For a truly high-end experience try our Cashmere Reversible Tassel Throws, or for a more understated, simple luxury, check out our Herringbone Throw.