With its shorter days and longer, chillier nights, winter is a time for hibernation — a period in which we spend more time indoors and more time nestled in our beds. Instead of dreading this season and longing for brighter days ahead, make the most of it by “pressing pause.” Use it as an opportunity to take time for yourself and your home. That means focusing on self-care while sprucing up your surroundings. Some new winter bedding will check both of those boxes allowing you to ride out the cold in cozy comfort and style.   

Winter Comforter:
Winter Comforter

It’s called a comforter for a reason, and no winter bedding set is complete without one. When we say “winter comforter,” we mean the loftiest, fluffiest most bundle-worthy comforter you’ll want to wrap yourself up in all winter long. Our rule of thumb for winter comforters, and winter bedding in general, is to look for the right balance between warmth and breathability. The down feathers in our Down Duvet Insert act as a natural insulator while also providing lofty weightlessness keeping you warm without feeling smothered.


Winter Sheets:
Winter Sheets

Perhaps more important than finding a good winter comforter is finding the ideal winter sheets. The same principle of warmth and breathability applies here. Look for warm, snug and cozy, not hot and stifling. Our Flannel Sheet Setprovides this winning combination. Made with 100% cotton and brushed for softness, the velvety finish keeps pilling under control and gives “tucked in” a whole new meaning. So go ahead, tuck-in and mellow out with these quintessential winter sheets, paired best with our Flannel Duvet Set available in 8 colors.


Wool Blanket For Winter:
Wool Blanket

When temperatures drop, it's time to whip out the wool blanket. Wool is another natural insulator that also helps regulate your body temperature while keeping you warm. It is even said that wool “keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer,” though it still may not be your first choice in the middle of July. A wool blanket is a seasonal staple that you will want to have in your living room, on your bed, or wrapped around your shoulders when you’re outside sitting around a firepit. For one that's as chic as it is practical, we recommend our Wool Plaid Throw, which features a traditional plaid design with fringe hem and is available in 3 color options. This wool blanket brings class and sophistication to your home while warming your winter woes.  

Winter Bed Blanket: 
Winter Bed Blanket

Why waste hundreds of dollars a year blasting the heat every night when you can simply add a layering piece to your winter bedding ensemble? Our All Seasons Cotton Blanket provides a stylish layering piece that is there when you get those midnight shivers. Not only does it keep you warm, but it also adds dimension, texture and another colorway to your bedroom design.  

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