When you boil it all down, a hotel is really just a place to sleep — it’s a room with a bed, a few accessories and if you’re lucky, a decent internet connection. So it’s no wonder that when you stay in a five-star hotel, you can rest easy knowing you’re in for an amazing night’s sleep. Hotel beds are just, comfier — and not just because of the mattress (or the tower of pillows), but because of the linens. Five-star hotels use the best bed linens available because it is literally their job to provide a comfortable place to sleep; and for the last 80 years they’ve ordered those nens from Standard Textile, a family-owned business with nearly a century of experience in crafting premium textiles. Now, you may be thinking, “so what? I won’t be staying at a hotel anytime soon” and that’s just it — for the first time, Standard Textile is available to consumers directly through Standard Textile Home.