Have you been looking to refresh your bedroom?

Check out these top bedding trends of 2022, featuring styles, fabrics & qualities coming soon or already here to stay...

Layered Bedding
layered bedding 

Out of all bedding trends of 2022, we suspect the look of layered bedding to dominate. Since tastemakers introduced the trend in 2021, layered bedding has continued to emerge as a common style tactic. This luxuriously textured look gives dimension to your bed and offers various pops of color & fabric, creating a cozy & stylish sanctuary built for bundling up. We recommend layering with our All Seasons Cotton Blanket. This bed blanket comes in 4 colors and all bedding sizes, making it the ideal layering piece.

Bed Blanket
Cooling Duvet Cover
Cooling Duvet Cover

Why settle for just cooling sheets when you can have a cooling duvet cover too? A cooling duvet cover can be just as important as cooling sheets as most of the warmth you experience while sleeping comes from your duvet. For a top-performing, cooling duvet cover we recommend the Luxe Reversible Duvet (Paragon) - created with moisture wicking technology designed for a cooler sleep experience. This cooling duvet cover also happens to be buttery soft (which can be hard to find) and is made with 100% ring-spun cotton with a true sateen weave for a softer hand-feel.


Flannel Sheets

Cozy, breathable & soft - like your favorite t-shirt. The word is out on flannel sheets, it's time to join the club. Made with 100% cotton and brushed for softness, these flannel sheets offer a velvety finish & provide year-round comfort - an absolute staple in bedding trends of 2022. 

 Hypoallergenic Pillows

hypoallergenic pillows

Our most practical pick for top bedding trends of 2022: hypoallergenic pillows. As years progress, we find the world focusing more on the importance of health and well-being, while also becoming more knowledgeable about allergens & product safety. This general awareness is starting to trickle into bedding. With more than half the population reporting some sort of allergy, hypoallergenic pillows offer a dependable measure against common & uncomfortable sensitivities. To find reliable hypoallergenic pillows, let the reviews legitimize the claims. For well-reviewed, top-performing hypoallergenic pillows, we recommend the Chamber Down Pillow (Chamberloft), and for a down, hypoallergenic pillow we recommend the Soft Down Alternative Pillow (Chambersoft).

Linen Duvet Cover

If you follow popular home improvement and interior decorating influencers, I am sure you have seen a linen duvet cover tastefully ruffled or perfectly tucked in a jaw-droppingly beautiful bedroom. Hence why we mention it in our bedding trends of 2022. This style is already here and will only amplify in 2022. A linen duvet cover can create the look of a "lived-in" space that screams California cool. They are also naturally temperature regulating and antibacterial, giving comfort and durability year round. For a linen duvet cover that is sure to make you feel like your very own tastemaker, we recommend this Linen Duvet Set.