Some things are best in black & white. Which is why monochrome bedding has gained so much notoriety over the past few years.

Sticking to this design scheme will give you a unified, refined and stunningly simplistic style that truly cannot be emulated with the use of vibrant color.    

Below we give you tips on how to achieve the look of monochrome bedding. This is achieved by using contrasting black and white, representing the positive and negative, also known as the Yin and Yang.

Choose White, Black or Gray Sheets with the Right Feel for You

When it comes to sheets, there are so many materials to choose from it can be confusing and downright overwhelming to the average consumer. We are here to help. Our Percale Sheets are great for those who like crisp and cool, our Luxe Sheets are drapey and silky and our Sateen Sheets are smooth and structured. These are all available in white. Our Percale Collection is also available in striped variations, such as the Slate Stripe chosen for this look. The subtle dark gray stripes in the Slate Stripe Percale Sham Set we used, softly ties the dark elements of this room into the white. This achieves a more simplistic and refined version of monochrome, which is what we are going for. 

We love our Percale for many reasons. It’s also made with 100% Supima® cotton. Supima® cotton is an extra-long staple fiber that provides premium strength, softness and color retention.

Pick Percale in White or Slate Stripe and you will have a monochrome bedding theme in no time. 

Add a Matching Duvet Set 

 Heart set on Percale for your Monochrome bedding look? Us too. If you chose Percale in White or Slate Stripe – match it with our Percale Duvet Set in either of these colorways. It is the same texture as our sheets, so you don’t have to worry about comfort when thinking about style. This will bring cohesiveness to your bedroom and to your everyday. 

Throws: The Perfect Comfort & Styling Opportunity

Speaking of comfort and style, we now bring you to the final element of our monochrome bedding look. Add our Knit Throw in Gray for a finishing touch on this design scheme. This throw is a dark gray, that is softer than black but still gives that stark contrast we are looking for here. It is also made with wool which makes it more cozy and snuggly-worthy than other cotton throws. It’s a great addition that can also provide you warmth to bundle up in whenever you desire. 

To shop all our favorite monochrome bedding and bathroom essentials, visit the collection here. For more information on other bedding looks, check out our blog.