Fall is the time to refresh your wardrobe, sport a stylish new haircut, and yes, makeover your tired bathroom. Create that spa-like oasis with these easy steps.

1) It all starts with a fresh coat of paint. Choose a color that is fresh and soothing to you. White is the perfect backdrop as it is the easiest color to pair back to colorful towels like our Plush and Mediterranean Collections. 

2) Update your vanity with new pulls and knobs. Brass, black matte and modern chrome are materials that are trending in home décor for Fall. This surprisingly small detail can transform your space and take your look from traditional to modern with the twist of a screwdriver.

3) Don’t forget your accessories. Make sure to update your tissue box, waste basket and add in some fun canisters to store cotton balls and Q-tips. Best to choose items that work back to the materials you chose for your knobs and pulls. Coordination is key, keep it simple.

4) Time to update that shower curtain and shower hooks. This is the place to make a statement. Add a pop of color with a bold stripe or keep it modern with a textured waffle style. There are fun hardware options that will match back to all of your bathroom accessories too. Also, a good idea to refresh the liner. Go with one that has magnets to keep in place when things get steamy.

5) Keep it clean and organized. Nothing feels more spa- like than a space that is free of clutter. Pick up some drawer organizers from any big box store, some even come in fun finishes. Organize your makeup, toss out old products that have expired and recycle old bottles. Add a beautiful tray to your counter for perfumes and lotions that you use daily for easy access. If space allows, add a cool shelf or ledge to place your favorite candle.

It is that simple… Now it is time to draw a bath, light that candle and relax in your new sanctuary.