Plush Towels (Lynova)

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The softest towels we offer, our Plush Towels (also known as Lynova Towels) have a fluffy, cloud-like texture. They're made from 100% zero-twist cotton, making them incredibly smooth, soft, absorbent and strong.

- 4 washcloths


  • Made of 100% zero-twist cotton
  • Incredibly soft, plush and absorbent
  • Elegant design brings a touch of luxury to your bathroom
  • Innovative border design reduces shrinkage
  • 650 grams per square meter
  • STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certified
  • Imported
Care Instructions

Machine wash in warm or hot water. Tumble dry low and use the cool-down cycle. Avoid overloading the washer to efficiently remove all lint.